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Keep Looking.

QRA Means One-Second Bidigital Test YOU Do Anywhere!!

Dr. Cohen taught thousands of people this simple test, based on medically-patened BDORT.
INSTANTLY see and prove what makes you personally weak or strong just from proximity.
BDORT is the only patent on earth, let alone medical patent... involving a body part!!
Countless naysayers... and yet QRA one-second test proves accurate approx every time.

You are not asked or invited to believe it. Shhh. Less talking, and more testing.
Let your own fingers, and your own body's bioelectric system, instantly show you truth.
Either you can hold your thumb & finger tightly together with something against you,
or you instantly lose the ability to hold o-ring tightly, no matter how strong you may be.

We build so many QRA sites because every human on earth can learn QRA, and certainly should.
It's estimated that people like you, practicing QRA at home, can save a hundred million MD appointments

- Commonly heard from those who practice : "QRA me, please," to learn the precise truth about your body at
- When we speak of the game of life, the Route of Natural Health asserts QRA to be the name of the health and longevity game
- Accuracy supercedes belief, opinions, and more. - Natural, safer, healthier, hands down winner, QRA

Your brain gets sharper when you simply test many things with QRA!
It's one of the treats of Life that are understood only when we zip it and then do it, fairly and squarely.
Knowing the QRA test, using it on everything you propose or intend to put against or into your body,
this alone elevates your intelligence, your ability to make better decisions with better information.

You're invited to test and disprove the accuracy of the one-second QRA test. Worth a try?
More, it's worth you having extraordinarily helpful info about YOUR body... for all your life.

- Online or offline, the Route Of Natural Health URGES you to learn how to perform reflex analysis on your loved ones, food, etc
It is rare for you to be genuinely stunned by learning something new. True, nor not true? Do a few one-second test. It's gobsmacking.


Shapetalking Is Also Multiplex In Scope, Aim, and Achievement!
The Route of Natural Health LIVES The Principles Of The Route of Natural Health

ShapeTalk. You may think that Shapetalking is merely an expression of art, or distraction.
We each quickly benefit by learning to see Shapetalking for what is actually is, hm?
You see, we have become sound-byte people, we like to get it short and sweet.
Shapetalking is a way of expressing many separate pieces of wisdom in short.
There are over a thousand Shapetalking pieces in thousands of versions,
spread all thoughout the Route of Natural Health for you to find.
Shapetalking also, critically, separates thoughts line by line.
Have you noticed that? One line, one thought, mostly.
This way we can look at Shapetalking and count!
Count the pieces of wisdom you take away.
Look in the Shapetalking for PowerGems.

One might think this is the EyeCandy Shapetalking Capital of the World, heya?
Whatever critiques we might have of power, MisterShortcut shattered many world records.
The single greatest feature of such power from the horse's mouth is that power is transferable.
As a profound user of fifty thousand BEST seconds of excellence - three hundred times per year,
I pass to you in this moment a measure of my energy skill in the utility of shortcuts.
Whatever it is you most enjoy, this is how you must, must, must earn your living.
Make no mistakes about this one particular PowerGem of perfect usefulness.
How you spend your minutes inevitably proves to be how you spend your life.
I beg you not be offended by a mathematical reality that can help you out, immediately.
For every hundred thoughts that flash through your mind, many thousands run through mine.
Beating all or most of sixty-four simultaneous chess opponents repeatedly is no big challenge.
In ten minutes, you can learn how to win at blackjack while making it look as if you are losing.
Have I used that to create staggering wealth, any more than a thousand other mastered techniques?
No. 3,100,000 minutes, and now more, all focused on helping you to help yourself, helping others, too.
Shapetalking is designed, essentially, to entice, even delight you... moving you to take your place.

You have a place in the universe, don't you? Are you just a blob, micturating time?
Of course not. You have a reason for being on the planet in your time and place.
Let YOUR Route of Natural Health help you to identify what it is, in writing.
My job is to feed starving children and animals and such. It is bone-innate.
As a child in a wealthy neighborhood, my mother used food as a weapon.
Thus, starvation was not at all a stranger, even up to the age of twelve.
When next-door Mrs. Friedman smuggled food to me via big sister,
the caring of a human was worth far more than the actual food,
despite being in the third day of a no-food punishment diet.
That day gave birth to a burbling, happy love of feeding.
As of yesterday, my millions of pages were producing food.
more thousands per hour than I'd dreamt of yielding per day or per week.
Each and every human who clicks on the food buttons gets a life-saving credit.
MisterShortcut knows many shortcuts, and this one, used proflifically, is awesome.
Slow down, Genius, and make sure you get a personal grasp of the power of the deed.
My I.Q. is many, many points beyond yours, and I swear that this trick is better than genius.
Never, ever in all my life have I seen raw power better than silently giving to helpless others.
The only time in Judaism you're allowed to test the Architect of the Universe is this magic trick.
Silently give eighteen cents or more, and watch how fast it comes back from unexpected sources.
You do not have to even give money. Give time, give effort, give affection, instruction, or assistance.
This works approximately one hundred percent of the time, more so when you do it one hundred times.

Reap greater yields from yourself AND assets you already have access to.
Elevate several levels of your results in most all that you undertake.
If you grasp that excellence is not accidental, make it happen.
Boost yourself upwards with the Shapetalking Successway.
Start with any task you have to repeat throughout life.
One step leads to two, and before you know it.....

The best part about two eyes for one mouth is twice the usage and yield.
It proves to be the same for your ears and nostrils, arms and legs, as well.
Imitating those who do it best is one of the top ten shortcuts of human time.
Doing more with two hands rather than one can multiply your skill levels, yes?
See how all waste so many thousands of minutes - opportunities - we cannot get back.
The role models and champions of history speak directly to your "getting" this.
Thousands of minutes you regain control of? It repays you thousands of times.
Take the time to stop each lucky day you get. Top five items of YOUR day.
Stop and recognize how much more YOU have than billions of others, hm?

Universal shortcuts for success are the greatest of YOUR master secrets.
Master secrets of the Universe?   Eschew instant opinion, you get wiser!
Cease forming opinions until AFTER testing the facts being claimed.
Most of your opinions, most of those of every human on the planet,
have proven to be wrong, because they were handed to us, hm?
Someone we trusted gave us THEIR opinion, we accepted it.

Trading back even one of every ten pettily-spent minutes:
This is another master secret of the universe for YOU.

The only opinions we glean benefits from are opinions of who does it more and better.
"Who does it best, who shows it best, proves they also know it best; WORTH IMITATING.

The Shapetalking Successway is the ultimate in self-empowerment, from your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are proven shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the known shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and likely YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding. It is why the Shapetalking Successway is here for your life.

Mister-Shortcut.US       Mr-Shortcut.US       Shorcuts.US       Success-Shortcuts.US

Shapelink.US       Shapelinks.US       Shapetalk.US

Excellence has never been known to be caused or achieved accidentally. Win on purpose!
Identify a deadline, because that's what converts a dream into a goal, a simple deadline.
Divide your goal into 21 or 89 or 144 pieces: Small pieces are more digestible, true?
Identify the people and organizations in a position to help you achieve your goal.
Before you estimate a truly substantial likelihood of attaining this prime goal,
remember we must always have a strong enough WHY to find the HOW

More fibonacci for us all, at Fibonacci.US       Fibnacci.wprk

These inclusions of Fibonacci by virtue of inserting Fibonacci numbers here and there just may help!
The Shapetalking Successway encourages you to both learn about Fibonacci, and to use Fibonacci.
Never form opinions on new information until you have examined and EMPLOYED that info!!!
How's this for freaky? Reading this tasty bit of Shapetalk one hundred times is a shortcut.
By the time you have done so, you will know dozens of meanings you do not yet see.
The Shapetalking Successway is the rich condensation of the best of all teachers,
those in at least three of the four interests of the Shapetalking Successway:
masters and millionaires, great champions and uninheriting billionaires.
Stop pretending to know more. It stops your wisdom from emerging.
Whatever you want most, ask for it thousands of times this year.
Extra hungry? Ask 100 per day, thirty-six thousand per year.
There is little chance you will not have what you ask for.
There is success, and there are excuses for lack of it.
The Shapetalking Successway bakes your excuses.
What remains is your emerging excellence.


Institute of Great Health and Shapetalking Successway Applauds Feeding Starving Animals - Hooray At Clicanimaux with free clicks!
ONE CLICK TO SAVE A LIFE? - QRA testing is shared at no charge! "Pay" with free clicks!
Honorable sponsors, savvy to knowing that who gives thrives, buy 1.1 cups of staple food to save starving creatures.
When you click this food button and the one you'll see next you actually save a human life... at no charge to you.
What exactly do you think happens when you save a life or two, and repeat it a hundred days or a thousand?
Do you really think "nothing" happens? Newton's Third Law is compelling proof to the contrary, isn't it?

Give more and you are likely to live more... with unique layers of benefit that aggregate nicely.
For those of you who have already saved a thousand and more lives, you know what happens.
You are keenly aware of the physical, financial, emotional, and, bizarrely, even more benefits.
Newton's Third Law of Physics proves to us that what goes around will also come back around.

Knowing this in advance permits you to, effectively speaking, bet on a given race in advance.
Your life is the race referred to by the Shapetalking Successway. How hard do you run your race?
What is your reputation, that of a slacker, or that of someone who lived life with real excitement?
YOU determine your repute, more than anyone else does, so take a look, and make a better decision,
including the decision (that word means, "to cut away from any other possibility") to strive higher for YOU.
Feeding starving humans, or starving, neglected, abused animals is among the great shortcuts to great wealth.
The Shapetalking Successway invites you to stop pretending to know more than those who achieve more. Give freely.
You do not need to break your bank. A quarter per day is plenty if that is all you can afford, just give a quarter every day.
Better yet, until you grow wealthy, make use of websites that allow you to give simply by clicking through with your mouse.

For attention-grabbing one-word domains, on the cheap:

Why pay millions? We offer thousands of one-word domains, for real people.
MisterShortcut purchased over a thousand one-word domains in a single day.
Not to make personal profit for self, rather, for YOU to have a premium domain,
at a fraction of the price routinely charged by those who chase OUTSIZED profits.
The sooner we humans act more like humans, less like corporations, we'll ALL win.

Saving Lives With Free Clicks?     Look up Newton's Third Law.

Amat Victoria Curam

Your brain gets sharper when you test many things with QRA!
Knowing the QRA test, using it on everything you propose or intend to put against or into your body,
this alone elevates your intelligence, your ability to make better decisions with better information.
When you add to this the undeniably magic secret of also caring beyond your own needs, you get P A I D.
While it often comes in financial terms, there are payoffs in life far sweeter than money. Learn them.
Again, Amat Victoria Curam!

Route of Natural Health Money Secret Shapetalking
Of the handful of genuine money secrets that many rich people do not want you to know,
the funniest one of all may also be the saddest, because it does prove most people to be stupid.
The big secret that rich people may not want you to know is that you get the amount that you ask for.
Taught for so long, and still as delightfully true today: The world will pay you about as much as you ask.
Naturally, you do have to deliver your best efforts on a day-to-day basis, always delivering on your promise.
Yes, that's about it, and it's often fun and edifying to chew on so many, many discrete coigns of vantage of it.
Every good piece of wisdom you meet has MULTIPLE layers of utility for you. This is a fine proof of that reality.
That means you can view it, cogitate upon this from many angles and for many uses, hopefully of mutual benefit.
Still, that is most of it. You get the amount you ask for. Let's take a couple of minutes to flesh it out, on one condition.
These are billion-dollar PowerGems from the Route of Natural Health, more so those delivered via Shapetalking mode.

Here's the condition
If and when you are bowled over by the true power of what you ingest,
you must promise in advance that the amount that you are impressed by...

... should be the very least amount you agree to invest in yourself in this 24-hour period.

Is this fair enough?
I have a lifetime closing rate somewhere above eighty percent, although there have been organizations, including Who's Who Worldwide,
where I had the good fortune to close quite more than ninety percent, admitting that most were prior or current members, renewing or upgrading.
Exposure to so many masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, is too powerful for an aware human not to learn from.

With the power of quenching a lack of food for many hours, benefit is automatic when we pay attention.
Hour after hour, masters of their own universe blatantly share the secrets of their persistent successes.
The Route of Natural Health is an iteration of much of what these masters and millionaires shared.
There is a Route of Natural Health alive inside of you, and has been since you were but a child.
Awaken your giant, as O.S. Marden might say, awaken the Route of Natural Health in YOU.

If you have not already written down the five most critical things to do before you die,
if you do not have a written list of specific steps you intend to take within this month,
you are almost certainly deceiving yourself to think you might hope to win at LIFE.
Think big, act big. It is ten times easier than it may sound within those four words.
Think big, act big.   When does YOUR Shapetalk emerge?
Do NOT foolishly die with your music stuck inside of you, unsung, unheard. 


Shapetalking is happily brought to you by the Route of Natural Health.
Sometimes, the subject of Shapetalk overlaps the Route of Natural Health.
When that happens, the PowerGems of health and wealth come together for you.
What is stronger than Route of Natural Health and Route of Natural Health combined?


This is one of approx 2,389 front pages crafted for you by MisterShortcut for the Route of Natural Health and Route of Natural Health.
If you grasp the reality that excellence is not going to happen in your life by accident, that it is truly up to YOUR hunger and efforts,
you will find within the millions of unique pages springing forth from the Route of Natural Health and Route of Natural Health,
shortcuts   more shortcuts, touted as the greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
When you engage your Route of Natural Health and Route of Natural Health, they tend to constantly reciprocate.

Awakening the Route of Natural Health and Route of Natural Health in YOU, life gets better and better.

Handful of many "FREE CLICK" websites, where either arriving or clicking on arrival saves lives!
There's no way you can save lives without the world repaying you generously!
As sites die, others appear to take their place. Feeding starving kids with free clicks?
What an excellent way to attract Newtonian repayment. Click 100x-plus, you even feel taller!

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Helping other people, particularly helping others to help themselves; call it a selfish tool.
The Route of Natural Health warrants, as does the Route of Natural Health, always,
that you cannot habitually save lives without getting repaid, perhaps exponentially.
Free clickthroughs to stimulate donations of thoughtful organization bring profit.

Even if it sounds trite or corny, the more we give, the more we tend to get.

Give Free Books Literacy Site      

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Just to provide some closure for THIS Shapetalking page,
you're reminded that you likely already possess most every resource you need.... or can access it.
Summarily, what you know will always be a distant secondary factor to what you do with it, true, or not?

Shapetalking is a vehicle by which MisterShortcut shares your greatest secrets & shortcuts.
They are not the opinions of MisterShortcut: They come from masters and millionaires.
"Who shows it best knows it best." All others engage in blarney and blatherskite.
One certain guarantee is that, when you give up, you guarantee failure.
Faith is a powerful, powerful tool when you place faith in yourself

There is no period - or "full stop" to close that Shapetalk.
That's because there is no full stop with faith: It's strictly choice.
EASILY double your results as quickly as a day with belief in yourself!
As long as your actions speak louder than words, you know what you ought do.

"I can, I will, I am"
Of all the magical powers or secrets or shortcuts you ever learn,
make no mistake: That phrase is among the most potent.
You are not asked to believe a word of it: Only to disprove it.
In decades of observing and interacting with our great champions,
MisterShortcut has seen this phrase at work in dozens of true masters.
Belief is not part of the Psychology of Shortcuts, nor the Psychology of Longevity.
Nothing in the world can/does speak louder than proof. This applies to QRA, as well.
Your opinions, my beliefs, their concepts: ALL FADE in the presence of proof.

Teaching yourself to TEMPORARILY suspend your opinion raises your intellect.
It is not a small increase. It elevates your thinking capacity for life!!
Allow the Shapetalking sites to help you to help yourself.

This also puts you in a position to help the helpless.
You haven't a clue what profits lie there, 'til you do.
We know dozens of mega-wealthy people who gave when broke.
Those are the people who often rise to Life's greatest heights.
Are you smarter than masters and champions? If so, "Good on ye".
For those of us smart enough to recognize those smarter than us,
the Psychology of Shortcuts reminds you of a MisterShortcut quote:
"In most rooms, I happen to be the one who's talking. There's reason for that.
So when you're in a room with me where I am silent, take out pen and pencil,
because it means someone smarter than you and I combined is speaking."

Welcome to another Shapetalking capital of the internet,
where masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
quite kinder than expected, share Success's greatest shortcuts,
the most magnificent of success secrets YOU have access to.

Find & use YOUR great shortcuts. Let your experience shape new ones,
and perhaps we'll all get to view examples of YOUR Shapetalk experiences.